Doctors do Not eat Celebrity — Angry Physician jabs Health Ministry PRO

General News of Wednesday, 18 October 2017



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Fame isn’t eaten by physicians in the nation, they need money to survive just like any other human being when health centers are in need of the services, and it is unacceptable to hundreds of ones are languishing at the house jobless

That’s the somewhat angry reaction of the doctors Nana Kissi Attafuah of one, into an all too familiar empty confidence by the Health Ministry to engage whenever possible.

After completing their housemanship at different health centers in the nation, the physicians are to be completely engaged by government to start work. The problem has left a number of them forcing them to either leave the state to seek greener pastures overseas, or move to the private industry, where the conditions are much better.

The doctors that were jobless have been home for about seven weeks, amidst appeals to the Ministries of Finance and Health to facilitate their employment, which has so far not yielded some results. If government is not ready to listen to their issues they are threatening to hit the road.

Talking in an Accra Spokesperson for the Ministry, Robert Cudjoe, stated what’s being done also the necessary financial aid along with by his outfit to guarantee the physicians are employed. Though he was unable to given timelines regarding when they will be set up, he said physicians are “respected and famous” practitioners and should therefore not take their issues to the media.

But his remarks surfaced Dr. Attafuah who questioned the wisdom of what Mr. Cudjoe explained. He said physicians are but need money so they can enjoy life.

“Christmas is coming and we need money to buy chicken, not celebrity,” he explained. “These politicians are the very same folks who continue to make promises but soon as they get the power fail to put their words into actions.”

The really isn’t the first time the issue has come up for debate. Even the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) at March warned that government’s approach towards the submitting of healthcare physicians could usher in another age of ‘brain drain’ in the nation.

The Association was concern with submitting or the non-deployment of over 200 hundred jobless physicians in the nation.

Deputy General Secretary of the GMA, Dr. Justice Yankson, cautioned government of the long-term consequences of its handling of the physicians, within the context of its own constitutional mandate to supply Ghanaians with quality healthcare.

“The unfortunate thing is that, there are districts in this country which don’t even have physicians or at times, only one doctor serving a complete district. The doctor-patient ratio within this nation is still far off the mark.”

“These are people who are all set to work. The problem is that, if we don’t take time, then we will go back in the age where we had a whole lot of brain drain within this sector,” Dr. Yankson warned.

Some physicians are thought to be getting supplies from beyond the nation and are all set to depart the nation.