German, US doctors visit Ailing Chinese Nobel winner: hospital

German and US doctors visited China’s cancer-stricken Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo on Saturday, the hospital in which he’s receiving therapy said in a declaration.

“After listening to a thorough medical history of this patient and getting a report on his diagnosis and therapy, the medical specialists analyzed the patient in the sickroom,” according to an update on the site of First Hospital of China Medical University, in the nearby city of Shenyang.

“The American and German specialists have fully endorsed the therapy program and steps from the team of national specialists” it said.

China has faced international pressure to let Liu traveling abroad for treatment since he was transferred from prison to the Shenyang hospital once he was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer more than a month past.

Liu was sentenced to 11 years in prison in December 2009 for “subversion” after calling for governmental reform. In the Nobel ceremony in Oslo in 2010, he was represented by an empty seat.