One in five Australians are Surpassing worrying doctors, Medication dosage

One in five Australians are carrying a lot of painkillers data reveals, prompting physicians to warn about the consequences.

New study by NPS Medicinewise shows that 19 percent of Australians have surpassed the recommended daily dose of some medicines.

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Prescription Illness: treatment and addiction

once the cure becomes the problem, the rise of pharmaceutical opioids.

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Gang reaches seven in Gautemalan hospital

Mara Salvatrucha gang members stormed Roosevelt Hospital with assault rifles to free prisoner Anderson Daniel Cabrera who was there to get a medical check-up.

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US church joins cities in removing varicose relics

The Episcopal Diocese in Brooklyn eliminates a plaque devoted to General Robert E. Lee since the violence in Charlottesville inspires more cities across the country to re-examine their own Confederate relics.

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Lebanon repeals ‘marry your rapist’ law

A law which absolves rapists if they marry their victims has been repealed following a massive women’s rights campaign.

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‘She desired equality’: Memorial maintained for Heather Heyer

The 32-year-old woman was killed by a auto assault during violent protests in Charlottesville by a supposed white nationalist.

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Philippine police kill 32 in drug war’s bloodiest day

Dozens of people are killed in police operations in a state to the north of Manila, in what’s the bloodiest day yet in Philippines President Duterte’s war on drugs.

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Three guys shot dead at US haul race

Emergency crews had been called after three guys from Illinois were taken at point blank range at Great Lakes Dragaway in Wisconsin.

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Can Be Fox News turning on Trump?

Fox News hosts appear to be moving through the five stages of grief because the channel reacts to Donald Trumps reaction to the Charlottesville protests.