NEW YORK (AP) — A physician forced from a New York hospital because of sexual harassment accusations returned Friday using an assault rifle hidden below a laboratory coat and shot seven people, killing one woman and leaving many physicians fighting for their own lives, authorities said. Dr., the gunman

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A group of eight doctors are demanding a greater say in the Nova Scotia Health Authority has been conducted as support reductions and physician shortages throughout the state continue to bite.

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For blocking the treatment of her sister Eman Ahmed, who had been acknowledged for weight loss, Saifee Hospital police have filed a police complaint from Egyptian Shaimaa Selim, police said on Friday.

Was brought to Saifee Hospital at Mumbai in February for treatment from Egypt.

A complaint was filed in VP Road police station from Saifee Hospital’s government.

“Hospital police filed a written complaint together with us from Shaimaa yesterday. She’d attempted to place water in Eman’s mouth, despite being told that she must be fed by tube only,” a police officer said.

Nurses, who had been on duty throughout the incident attempted to stop her however, they were pushed on by her, ” the official said.

After the incident, a case filed against Shaimaa, he explained.

We’ve received a complaint from Saifee hospital. However, we haven’t registered any offence against her.

Sanjay Kamble, Senior Police Inspector of VP Road police station

“Shaimaa had attempted to place water from Eman’s moutharea. She’s her sister along with her act can not be termed as an offence,” said another officer.

Shaimaa along with the Saifee hospital direction have been locked in a bitter tussle following the prior alleged that the physicians treating Eman have left “false promises” about her weight loss and “full recovery” at a video released lately.

The hospital government dismissed allegations made by Shaimaa, saying, she had been criticising physicians because her family wished to prolong her stay in the hospital in south Mumbai and doesn’t wish to have Eman discharged.

Eman Ahmed with a Physician. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/ reversedieting)
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Saifee Hospital Doctors Document Complaint Against Eman’s Sister


The University of Minnesota’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health has coached over 1,900 family medicine doctors in the last 45 years. More than 70 percent have stayed in Minnesota. More than 80 percent of all Minnesota counties have practicing. As a faculty member in this department, I’m privileged to see every day the fire and dedication of our hard-working residents and school to supplying a range of evidence-based integrated health-care services to the underserved, into rural communities, also to groups facing injustice and discrimination, to immigrants/refugees, and also to ALL individuals across Minnesota.

In 2015, the division dropped 14 million who had previously been available through UCare to encourage its teaching and family medicine residency applications. As a result of this reduction of  sustainable funding, training positions are cut. We need support to be able to continue to train.

HF 889 / SF 715 suggests to provide about $6 million for the first year and $8 million in the year later. It will provide a solid financial footing so that the U of M Department of Community Health and Family Medicine can continue to fulfill the mission of training.

Please consult with your state senator and representative and ask them to consciously encourage the funding of the University of Minnesota’s Department of Community Health and Family Medicine . Thank you.

Michelle Sherman, Ph.D., is currently a professor in the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Minnesota.

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ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – Florida Hospital doctors have returned from Puerto Rico, after spending almost two weeks on the island helping with Hurricane Maria retrieval attempts.  

“Our expertise there was a really satisfying one,” explained Dr. Katia Lugo.   “We were able to accomplish unique things. Health care isn’t only impacted by us. We were able to supply food, water, supplies and everything in various areas of the island.”  

The emergency physicians focused largely on areas and worked in combination with response agencies and healthcare organizations, where access to care has been limited.

“The single regional hospital in the northwest of the island was going to close. We went there as a team and relieved a number of the physicians that were working since Maria and assisted them get diesel, drugs,”   Dr. Lugo added.  

A second set of physicians traveled to Puerto Rico last week also will continue to offer assistance and care, while also assessing the overall health needs of the island.

Florida Hospital claims thatthroughout the weekend, another group of physicians was discharged to the U.S. Virgin Islands to provide relief to local doctors who have been working around the clock since Hurricane Maria struck.

Posted:  Oct 09 2017 07:21PM EDT

Video Posted:  Oct 09 2017 07:06PM EDT