Physicians in  Delhi government hospitals have primary minister Arvind Kejriwal’s decision to reserve 50 per cent beds for Delhi inhabitants at GB Pant hospital, stating there should not be any discrimination against the patients arriving from outside.  

Last week, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP)-led Delhi government passed an order to book half of those beds available at its superspecialty GB Pant Hospital to its inhabitants of the national Capital requiring psychiatric remedies, but physicians have now requested for a rethink.

The order says that the facility seeks to supply ‘timely’ and ‘best available’ remedy for patients, that are residents of Delhi.  

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s AAP government passed an order to reserve 50 per cent of beds at the GB Pant hospital to Delhi residents only (picture for representation only)

Dr Vivek Choukesy, president of the Federation of Resident Physicians Association (FORDA) told Mail Today: ‘It is very unconstitutional as even at the essential medical services, beds cannot be adjusted for patients belonging to any town or region.  

‘GB Pant Hospital is among those tertiary care institutions of the Delhi government that sees a great deal of hurry daily.

‘What if any portion of Delhi comes to the hospital in a crucial state? Should he not receive entrance?’  

Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal’s decision to reserve 50 per cent beds for Delhi inhabitants at GB Pant hospital has come under fire from medics

‘There ought to not be any discrimination among patients to undergoing therapy. This is going to make our job harder as there might be empty beds. We’d not have the ability to supply it to individuals belonging to several other nations,’ explained Dr Choukesy.

Doctors also stated that rather than passing such requests, the government should concentrate on making different hospitals, well-equipped with proper healthcare facilities.  

It has been determined that 50 per cent of their overall beds shall be reserved for individuals, who fulfill the following conditions – they need to be citizens of Delhi, they should have been referred by a different Delhi government hospital and the entrance ought to have been for psychiatric therapy or for planned surgeries, said the arrangement that has been seen by Mail Today.

Dr Nishant Ashwani, a senior physician at GB Pant Hospital and joint secretary, FORDA, stated: ‘Here, we follow a policy of “one patient one bed”. We do not understand how this arrangement is going to be executed. It is very impractical. In GB Pant clinic, we receive great deal of referral examples from outside Delhi.  

‘If 50 per cent of the beds are adjusted for Delhi patients, we’d have to deny beds to seriously sick patients belonging to several other nations.’

Officials have informed that GB Pant Hospital has roughly three lakh patients at the OPD and almost 15,000 patients in general and private wards every year.

Memorial Health chosen an former Doctors Hospital of Augusta executive to become its new chief executive officer once its sale to HCA Healthcare has been finished. C. Shayne George, who had been CEO of Physicians from 2004 to 2011, is going to be the brand new top executive for Memorial.

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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) — UPDATE: The Iowa Board of Medicine states they’ve conducted a full investigation into Dr. Yates and discovered signs that continuing the clinic presented an immediate threat to the public.

On July 29, 2016, Dr. Leroy Yates was charged with eight different counts from the Iowa Board of Medicine. Those comprised Professional Incompetency, Practice Harmful or Detrimental to the Public; Unethical or Unprofessional Conduct; Inappropriate Prescribing; Fraud in Representations concerning Skill or Ability; Knowingly Making Misleading, Deceptive, Untrue or Fraudulent Representations in the Practice of Surgery and Medicine; Use of Untruthful or Improbable Statements in Advertising; and Improper Management of Medical Records.

Subsequently, on October 27, 2017, the Board included an Amended Record of Charges alleging Dr. Yates “suffers from a health condition which impairs his ability to independently practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety at this time.”

On this date, the Board also issued an Emergency Adjudicative Order saying Dr. Yates “is banned from practicing medicine under his Iowa medical license before this matter is resolved.”

A hearing is scheduled for Dr. Yates on December 14-15th, 2017.

As shown by a nearby member of the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, the patient should perform the homework when looking at picking a plastic surgeon. Dr. Benjamin Van Raalte states patients much check to find out whether the doctor is board certified in the field the doctor is really practicing in. A patient may also check to find out whether the doctor’s working room is licensed and whether the doctor’s primary specialty is plastic surgery.

ORIGINAL: The Iowa Board of Medicine has brought charges against a Davenport doctor. According to a report filed on October 27 the board says Leroy L. Yates, Jr., M.D. has been banned from practicing medicine under his Iowa license before a hearing is held on December 14-15, 2017.

From the report, the board states it had been presented with proof that establishes Yates’s continued practice on medicine are a threat to public health, safety and welfare.

Among some of the items available in the report, the board says Yates didn’t possess sufficient training in cosmetic surgery. They say he inappropriately assigned anesthesia services to unqualified medical employees and he inappropriately performed cosmetic surgical procedures under intravenous sedation in an unsafe workplace setting.

We are working to collect more info on this story. Stay tuned to KWQC-TV6 along with for updates as we get them.

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Fame isn’t eaten by physicians in the nation, they need money to survive just like any other human being when health centers are in need of the services, and it is unacceptable to hundreds of ones are languishing at the house jobless

That’s the somewhat angry reaction of the doctors Nana Kissi Attafuah of one, into an all too familiar empty confidence by the Health Ministry to engage whenever possible.

After completing their housemanship at different health centers in the nation, the physicians are to be completely engaged by government to start work. The problem has left a number of them forcing them to either leave the state to seek greener pastures overseas, or move to the private industry, where the conditions are much better.

The doctors that were jobless have been home for about seven weeks, amidst appeals to the Ministries of Finance and Health to facilitate their employment, which has so far not yielded some results. If government is not ready to listen to their issues they are threatening to hit the road.

Talking in an Accra Spokesperson for the Ministry, Robert Cudjoe, stated what’s being done also the necessary financial aid along with by his outfit to guarantee the physicians are employed. Though he was unable to given timelines regarding when they will be set up, he said physicians are “respected and famous” practitioners and should therefore not take their issues to the media.

But his remarks surfaced Dr. Attafuah who questioned the wisdom of what Mr. Cudjoe explained. He said physicians are but need money so they can enjoy life.

“Christmas is coming and we need money to buy chicken, not celebrity,” he explained. “These politicians are the very same folks who continue to make promises but soon as they get the power fail to put their words into actions.”

The really isn’t the first time the issue has come up for debate. Even the Ghana Medical Association (GMA) at March warned that government’s approach towards the submitting of healthcare physicians could usher in another age of ‘brain drain’ in the nation.

The Association was concern with submitting or the non-deployment of over 200 hundred jobless physicians in the nation.

Deputy General Secretary of the GMA, Dr. Justice Yankson, cautioned government of the long-term consequences of its handling of the physicians, within the context of its own constitutional mandate to supply Ghanaians with quality healthcare.

“The unfortunate thing is that, there are districts in this country which don’t even have physicians or at times, only one doctor serving a complete district. The doctor-patient ratio within this nation is still far off the mark.”

“These are people who are all set to work. The problem is that, if we don’t take time, then we will go back in the age where we had a whole lot of brain drain within this sector,” Dr. Yankson warned.

Some physicians are thought to be getting supplies from beyond the nation and are all set to depart the nation.