Saifee Hospital Doctors Document Complaint Against the Sister of Eman

For blocking the treatment of her sister Eman Ahmed, who had been acknowledged for weight loss, Saifee Hospital police have filed a police complaint from Egyptian Shaimaa Selim, police said on Friday.

Was brought to Saifee Hospital at Mumbai in February for treatment from Egypt.

A complaint was filed in VP Road police station from Saifee Hospital’s government.

“Hospital police filed a written complaint together with us from Shaimaa yesterday. She’d attempted to place water in Eman’s mouth, despite being told that she must be fed by tube only,” a police officer said.

Nurses, who had been on duty throughout the incident attempted to stop her however, they were pushed on by her, ” the official said.

After the incident, a case filed against Shaimaa, he explained.

We’ve received a complaint from Saifee hospital. However, we haven’t registered any offence against her.

Sanjay Kamble, Senior Police Inspector of VP Road police station

“Shaimaa had attempted to place water from Eman’s moutharea. She’s her sister along with her act can not be termed as an offence,” said another officer.

Shaimaa along with the Saifee hospital direction have been locked in a bitter tussle following the prior alleged that the physicians treating Eman have left “false promises” about her weight loss and “full recovery” at a video released lately.

The hospital government dismissed allegations made by Shaimaa, saying, she had been criticising physicians because her family wished to prolong her stay in the hospital in south Mumbai and doesn’t wish to have Eman discharged.

Eman Ahmed with a Physician. (Photo courtesy: Twitter/ reversedieting)
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Saifee Hospital Doctors Document Complaint Against Eman’s Sister