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Hollands family

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Sian Hollands has been the mother of three children

A woman whose daughter died due to physicians’ failings says medics have not had the “decency” to apologise.

Sian Hollands, 25, died in November 2015, from a pulmonary embolism at Darent Valley Hospital, Kent.

The hospital has verified that he has been practice, although the General Medical Council is investigating one doctor.

Ms Hollands’ mother Nicole Smith said she is furious no-one has faced sanctions.

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Hollands family

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Ms Hollands’ clinical notes stated she had been “at risk”

Kent Police launched an investigation into whether to bring charges of manslaughter. This week officials confirmed no criminal charges are being chased.

Mum-of-three Ms Hollands went hospital in agony three weeks.

She was taking methadone to treat her drug dependence but had ceased leading Dr Kamran Khan to place down her symptoms .

She died a few hours later but did not leave the hospital and had been discharged.

Dr Khan asserted he hadn’t noticed Ms Hollands’ notes also has been unaware of the seriousness of her pain.

His handwriting was found on Ms Hollands’ notes and, during cross-examination, the doctor admitted to not reading them.

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Hollands family

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Ms Hollands’ three children are now attracted by their grandmother

Ms Smith, who now brings up Ms Hollands’ young children, explained: “The physicians were sat alongside me in court and did not even look at me.

“The hospital also gave an overview of apology, however, none of the medical team had the decency to apologise to my face.

“Victims of criminal offences could meet the offender, but the physicians won’t sit in a room with me and explain themselves.”

Dr Khan must submit his situation until it is sent to examiners for a decision that is last.

The hospital has been served by Ms Smith’s solicitor with papers asking them to accept liability to Ms Hollands ‘death and requesting reimbursement for her children.

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A doctor at Darent Valley Hospital admitted not studying Ms Hollands’ notes

A spokesman for the hospital supported that the papers from the family have already been received and Dr Khan is currently practising at the trust.

He added: “This practitioner is subject to an ongoing evaluation and the total situation subject to a claim against the organisation, so therefore it would not be appropriate to comment at this moment.”

However, Ms Smith said: “I don’t even have so much as a written letter, so Sian’s children can see it in the future and understand the people responsible are truly sorry.

“They thought I’d vanish after the inquest, but I am not going anywhere until I believe what needs to be done is done and there’s no possibility of it happening again.

“They can’t understand how damaged this has left our family.”