Study finds Massive salaries are earned by hospital Physicians

How much should a hospital physician earn?


Chief doctors at Swiss hospitals earn around CHF2.5 million ($2.7 million) annually, a study has discovered.  

Most earn between CHF350,000 and also CHF1.5 million, according to a salary pro who looked into the subject for . Urs Klinger was researching the topic for five years. His figures are based on data from 174 Swiss hospitals.

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“One in four head or attending physicians (not employed by the hospital however equipped to utilize the centers when treating patients) generates over CHF1.5 million. It is often as much as CHF2.5 million,” Klinger told the “Rundschau” current affairs programme on Wednesday. He pointed out that a physician earns a proportion of the revenue of the hospital.  

“Every operation increases his salary,” said Klinger, including that private patients may be charged separately. Critics point out that this supports unnecessary therapies — that can be a burden on the health care system and increases insurance rates.  

Home Affairs Minister Alain Berset is calling for greater transparency on the subject of physicians’ wages. Last year that he commissioned an overview of how health care costs could be reduced.  

The Swiss association of head hospital doctors declined to comment to Rundschau.

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