Do You Know Where You Can Recycle Laptop Parts And Systems?

Do you know where you can recycle laptop parts and systems? Laptops are far more durable than they used to be, lasting their owners for more years than anyone once thought possible. However, they do not last as long as desktops, so the need to replace or dispose of them happens more often.

Part of this is due to their portability, which is, of course, part of their purpose. They get moved around a lot, and so they withstand a lot of contact and jolting, and accidents happen.

Their compact integrated design also shortens their life cycles compared to their desk-bound brethren. When something breaks in a laptop, or it suffers major damage, it’s often cheaper to just replace it.

Still, you don’t want to just throw your old laptop in the trash. Most locations use landfills, and the mercury and other elements and compounds within electronics can poison water supplies and contaminate local soil for years, if not decades. Given how popular it is to bury full landfills and put a park or school on top of them, this can be a health hazard to your relatives or descendants.

Tossing your laptop also means you might not have the proper secure disposal of any files and identity you have stored on the hard drive, risking identity theft and other crimes.

Most communities have ways where you can recycle laptop parts or even the entire computer. Many municipal governments have a collection center that handles electronics appropriately and in an environmentally safe manner. Also, many electronics stores run their own recycling services for older electronics for consumers to use.

Check local government and retailer websites for these options, but also ask if anything is done to protect hard drives and the included data. You might have to pull that part out yourself to be truly safe.