Florida Hospital doctors Come Back from Puerto Rico – Story

ORLANDO, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – Florida Hospital doctors have returned from Puerto Rico, after spending almost two weeks on the island helping with Hurricane Maria retrieval attempts.  

“Our expertise there was a really satisfying one,” explained Dr. Katia Lugo.   “We were able to accomplish unique things. Health care isn’t only impacted by us. We were able to supply food, water, supplies and everything in various areas of the island.”  

The emergency physicians focused largely on areas and worked in combination with response agencies and healthcare organizations, where access to care has been limited.

“The single regional hospital in the northwest of the island was going to close. We went there as a team and relieved a number of the physicians that were working since Maria and assisted them get diesel, drugs,”   Dr. Lugo added.  

A second set of physicians traveled to Puerto Rico last week also will continue to offer assistance and care, while also assessing the overall health needs of the island.

Florida Hospital claims thatthroughout the weekend, another group of physicians was discharged to the U.S. Virgin Islands to provide relief to local doctors who have been working around the clock since Hurricane Maria struck.

Posted:  Oct 09 2017 07:21PM EDT

Video Posted:  Oct 09 2017 07:06PM EDT