Hospital Physicians strike was stranded as by doctors

Patients stranded as Harare Hospital doctors strike

By Present Gondo

Patients in dire need of health services have been stranded at Harare Central Hospital following a strike by junior and middle level doctors.

The strike, which has abandoned one of the country’s primary health association struggling to deal with the health services needs of patients has witnessed the hospital administration adopting measures which include final wards C2 and the Out Patients Department because of the restricted health personnel available.

According to a circular issued by the healthcare association directed by Zim Eye, the hospital’ s Out Patients Department is temporarily closed using casualty officers attending emergencies just while staff from the OI Clinic have also been taught to participate in emergencies.

As a result of limited staff available, the hospital also has briefly closed Ward C2 just attending to some exceptional instances.

Speaking to Zim Eye,  the patients, the majority of whom were referred to the establishment from as far as Mutoko, Shamva and Mhondoro were left stranded because medical personnel were just attending to emergencies.

The patients called on the ED Mnangagwa led administration to walk the discussion and improve service delivery especially in the healthcare industry.

“This is what we buy in the 100 days? We had been here since last night but we have not been attended to,” said one patient from Mutoko who refused to be diagnosed, confirming they were advised to go home since the hospital was just attending to emergencies.

The first woman, Auxilia Mnangagwa ran a national tour of the country’s      health institutions unannounced shortly after her husband ED Mnangagwa was inaugurated as the President of Zimbabwe.

Her visits however vulnerable the inadequate service delivery at most hospitals in which patients spend hours on end without being attended to.