Mother claims Gosford Hospital doctors sent her home

A girl who  had been suffering a ‘stroke-like disorder’ was twice sent home from hospital physicians as soon as they gave her fluids to deal with gastro.

Mother-of-two Carla Roberts, 52, has been taken via ambulance to Gosford Hospital, on NSW’s Central Coast, after complaining about acute vomiting and a hassle.

As stated by the Express Advocate, she had been put on an intravenous drip to treat the supposed stomach flu and sent home the next morning.

However, the next day the debilitating headaches and nausea returned, leaving her in such a terrible state she had been convinced she was dying or having an aneurysm.

Mother-of-two Carla Roberts, 52, says she was ‘basically using a stroke’ when physicians from Gosford Hospital treated her to get gastro and sent Dwelling

Doctors allegedly assured her she’d be okay, providing her fluids again and sending her back home again.

She asserts one female doctor told her she did not possess a brain bleed because she ‘could be dead’.    

After a week with very little improvement in condition in home, Ms Roberts went to a GP to get a second opinion on which had been causing her to feel unwell.  

The doctor arranged a CT scan, and Ms Roberts was raced away to Royal North Shore Hospital in which she had been advised she had   reversible cerebral vasoconstriction.

‘If I hadn’t made it to my doctor and when he hadn’t taken me seriously I would probably lost my entire life,’ she told the Express Advocate.

‘This is a stroke basically, so that I have all of the negative effects of a stroke.

‘I am so angry. It is just not correct, I should not have gone through that. I’ve never been so near death.’

Ms Roberts was sent home on two different occasions after being taken to Gosford Hospital (pictured) via ambulance

People suffering the disorder are at an increased risk of obtaining a stroke if not treated correctly and immediately.

A Central Coast Local Health District spokesperson stated they were ‘not conscious of a formal complaint from the individual or their loved ones.’

‘After being alerted by press to claims about the patient’s care at Gosford Hospital, the District has made contact with the family.’

‘The issue is ongoing.’

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Ms Roberts for remark.