The NIHA doctors are already seeing a lot of tick bites and
Lyme disease due to the mild winter, early spring and other indicators of a large tick population in 2012.

The Washington Post ran an article this week in which Dr. Paul Beals is quoted:

*Excerpted from the
The Washington Post:

Paul Beals,  a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease at National Integrated Health Associates in the District, says, “We’re finding that the vast majority of our patients who are getting tick bites causing Lyme are also getting other co-infections at the same time,” including such febrile illnesses as bartonella, which can be transmitted by ticks and mosquitoes, as well as babesiosis and ehrlichiosis.

Did you know that 70 -80 % of your immune system is in or around the digestive tract? It’s true. Now consider what would happen to your health if the digestive tract were compromised. Malnutrition and lowered immunity would become a real health concern.

There are several things that can compromise the bowel including:

  • Parasites ( bacteria,  fungi, viruses, multiple cell organisms such  as pinworms)
  • Food allergies-inappropriate immune response to foods causing inflammation
  • Diverticula – herniations or pouches in the walls of the intestines that can trap foods and bacteria causing inflammation / infection of the bowel wall.
  • Antibiotics- while they can clear infections, they also kill good bacteria necessary for the health of the gut
  • Constipation- slow transit due to poor peristaltic motion can cause  the  bowel to become toxic due to bacterial overgrowth as well as tears in the walls of the intestines that easily become infected.

Did you know that bacteria are a part of a healthy pregnancy?

Surely you know that women need a healthy diet and a multivitamin with additional folic acid when they are pregnant. But, were you aware that a probiotic is essential too? When a baby passes through the vaginal canal his/her gastrointestinal tract is sterile. The initial seeding of this tract occurs as the baby comes into contact with mom’s stool (or at least microscopic remnants of it). It is essential that mom’s gastrointestinal tract be colonized with beneficial bacteria to pass onto baby. Since approximately 70% of the immune system lines the gut, giving baby the proper start with beneficial bacteria helps to ensure baby’s defenses.

Give Baby a Healthy Start

Sports medicine is the management of conditions related to physical activities or athletics that promotes risk-reduction and recovery from injury. Sports medicine physicians undergo extensive training in musculoskeletal medicine, the study of muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and joints.

There are surgical and nonsurgical sports medicine specialists who have undertaken additional fellowship training through a sports medicine program certified by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. This is a designation to seek when looking for a sports medicine provider.

Primary care or nonsurgical sports medicine specialists provide nonoperative management of musculoskeletal injuries, the vast majority of sports injuries and musculoskeletal pain.

These physicians focus on orthopedic health and provide nonsurgical treatment options to help patients recover from injury or acute pain to return to their regular level of activity.

Nonsurgical sports medicine physicians treat acute injuries such as concussions, simple fractures, stress fractures, tendon/ligament/muscle injuries, overuse injuries and joint pain. This can be accomplished through treatment like a rest-to-exercise regimen, rehabilitative care, medication management, injection therapies or splinting/casting/bracing. So, whether you are a competitive athlete, weekend warrior or just want to maintain an active lifestyle, sports medicine offers many advantages.

Patients with a chronic or nagging injury or who have concerns about arthritis can benefit from sports medicine. So can individuals who suffer shortness of breath, cough or fatigue during exercise. Also, a sports medicine physician can help individuals determine whether their pain requires surgery or whether other treatment options are available. When surgery is necessary, a sports medicine physician can help provide referrals to a surgical team.

Dr. Joseen A. Bryant is on staff at Community Hospital in Munster. She is board-certified in family medicine through training at Northwestern and fellowship-trained in sports medicine through MacNeal Hospital near Chicago. Bryant has worked under the guidance of sports medicine physicians who provide care to collegiate and professional athletic teams including Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Chicago, Robert Morris University and the Chicago Bulls, Sky, White Sox, Bears and Blackhawks. She treats patients of all ages and can be reached at 219-365-1166.

Medical & Healthcare Mobile Apps Development

“Health is wealth & mobile apps are making it possible for you.”

The adoption of mHealth technologies defines their significance in the progressive rise of healthcare industry. No doubt, healthcare mobility solutions has eased the process for patients, doctors, and various healthcare organizations. More than 165,000 mHealth apps are already competing to help consumers with various health issues & lifestyle challenges.

Mhealth stands as the future of healthcare. More than 80% physicians access mobile apps. According to Research2guidance report, the demand of healthcare mobile app development will increase among hospitals, physicians, & pharmacies. The success of Mhealth goes well in favor of its distinguishable role in the ever-evolving healthcare & medical sector.

Patient engagement is one prominent factor to justify that how are mobile apps extend the growth scale of healthcare sector. However, these factors define the role of mobile apps behind the rise of healthcare industry:

• Convenience & real-time access
• Reach out patients
• Accurate clinical facilities & specialization
• Patient record maintenance
• Push notifications & feedback
• Prescription from health experts

Let’s interpret our factual outlook in favor of numerous health-related app categories & their healthcare mobility solutions :

1). Doctor & Medical Clinic App Development:

Today, more than 93% doctors admit that hospital app development offers countable opportunities to improve patient’s health. mHealth introduced the most simplified way of interaction between doctors & their patients for prescription, diagnosis, medical appointments, patient’s medical history, or other clinical procedures.

Patients count on doctor clinic apps for convenience & various other benefits. While physicians consider online doctor appointment mobile app development to deliver optimal patient care with reduced complexities. mHealth is the best way to monitor multiple treatments & keep electronic medical records on track.

Interestingly, over 93% healthcare specialists reveal that doctor apps made it easier for them to handle more & more emergency cases. Medical records apps for doctors & doctor appointment apps made patient care easier, efficient, & quick. So, now you can say that medical apps for patients & doctors stand as a base for the betterment of healthcare.

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2). Medicine Apps Development:

The alarming rise of mHealth apps corresponds to its requirement in the pharmacy sector. Patients & medical agencies are switching to mobile app for medical emergency as automation offers effortless management of medicine inventory.

What are the best app for healthcare? Several medical practitioners & pharmaceutical centers opt for medical app development services to get medicine apps. Many healthcare organizations aspire to discuss their ideas on medication reminders, pill trackers, & emergency medicine apps. Many people ask about the cost of developing an app like Practo as patients use them to order medicines. However, the costs differ as per the project, features, & technologies used for app development. It simply means that these types of mHealth apps are the best.

3). Hospital & Healthcare Mobile App Solutions:

Hospitals & clinics serve patients in a well-organized way. Patients often take appointments to visit their doctors & avoid last moment hassle. A hospital app can monitor staff & their tasks. Check out few benefits of developing a mobile app for hospital:

Optimal treatments:Hospital apps help doctors in many ways. A doctor can monitor a patient’s treatment plan & prescriptions with feature-loaded mobile apps for healthcare. You can also check out the latest treatments & medical facilities of a nearby healthcare center.

Hospital’s Photo gallery & virtual atmosphere- Several hospitals add photo galleries on their online portals. Patients use healthcare apps to locate nearby clinics or hospitals. So, healthcare providers can take benefits & build their credibility with photos & virtual atmosphere on their mobile app.

Documentation & billings- Keeping health records & bills becomes a simple task with a health record app. A mobile app for medical emergency is developed to handle urgent cases with right health details of a patient.

Staff management- All health departments can work efficiently with proper management. Doctors, nurses, & other staff members divide their tasks and handle them in a right manner.

4). Fitness & Workout Mobile Apps Development:

People are getting health conscious. Hence, the demand for fitness & workout apps is on rise. You can find numerous fitness & daily workout apps in the list of the best medical apps for android & iOS. Here is a fitness & workout category if you want to get a healthcare mobile app with creative ideas:

Daily Workout Apps- Include gym sessions & exercise routines
Fitness App- Track overall fitness with weight management, BMI, & diet rules.
Trainer-finding app- Discover nearby gyms, connect with trainers & gym experts.

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Now, it’s clear that healthcare mobility solutions contribute in the medical sector. You can rely on our healthcare mobile app developers if you want to transform your mHealth ideas to reality.