Peshawar’s doctor appeals to Malala to Get neurosurgery hospital in KP

Dr Mumtaz Ali. Photo: Geo News

PESHAWAR: The doctor, who performed the initial surgery on Malala Yousafzai after she was attacked in Mingora, has resisted the Nobel laureate to consider constructing a neurosurgery hospital at her home province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, to save those in need of comparable therapy.

While speaking to Geo News, Peshawar’s Lady Reading Hospital physician Dr Mumtaz Ali said many lives could be spared if the province has a hospital where brain injuries could be treated. He believed Malala could raise capital for the significant job, at the memory of the terrorist occupation of her hometown in Mingora, Swat and the following attack on her.

He also added a neurosurgery hospital KP are a large support to the nation.

Talking about Malala’s first trip to Pakistan after the terrorists’ assault on her, the doctor said that he was glad she came home but voiced disappointment over her not going to meet with him. He said she was either not told about him or her may not have the ability to go because of security concerns.

Nonetheless, the doctor said the whole nation has been proud of Malala for winning the Nobel peace prize.

Dr Mumtaz Ali has been the primary doctor to operate on Malala in Combined Military Hospital at Peshawar where he was called in by Lady Reading Hospital.

According to the doctor, Malala was unconscious when he found her had a serious head injury.

She looked pale and the CT scan revealed the left portion of the mind was seriously injured, the doctor had said in an earlier interview. After that night, the doctor said a senior neurosurgeon and a brigadier in CMH treated her, two weeks after which she was sent abroad for additional therapy.

Malala had fought for years for the right of girls to education in her home region in Pakistan. She was shot her in the head with a Taliban gunman on a school bus in October 2012 for protecting her right to attend college.