Physicians: the Wellbeing of Zeman


Prague, Jan 9 (CTK) – President Milos Zeman is also a excellent physical and mental condition, feeling great before the coming presidential elections, his physician Martin Holcat along with other doctors told journalists on Tuesday.

They ignored the idea which Zeman suffered in cancer.

No answers were permitted at the media conference.

Speculations abound about the health of Zeman.

Last year, Zeman appeared to suffer from several health issues during his general appearance. He looked exhausted and considerably shed weight.

When announcing his re-election bid last March, he said he had experienced a medical checkup confirming he suffered from diabetes and polyfunctional neuropathy impairing the sensitivity of his toes. He added that the health state was improving nor deteriorating.

He underwent a CT examination in September that didn’t reveal any new problem, he explained.

Zeman known as the reports on his health issues “a dirty campaign of a media”

The Presidential Office has already filed an action against Svatopluk Bartik, a local politician from Brno, for having tweeted that Zeman has cancer.

It involves an apology and also five thousand crowns from him.

Oncologist Lubos Petruzelka refused that Zeman had cancer at the media conference.

He explained he was not a part of the doctors’ group and was asked to examine the documentation independently.

Petruzelka said on the afternoon of this checkup that he had not locate any symptoms of an oncological disease in Zeman.

Holcat said Zeman was always watched, including that he would confirm that Zeman felt really great.

Zeman’s physician Miloslav Kalas said Zeman’s health state has to be great given his schedule as president this past year.

In the initial six months of 2017, Zeman seen China, Vietnam and Kazakhstan.

Kalas said Zeman’s medical condition was such he could maintain executing his post.

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